Our best specialists have formed a grid of investment plans for our future partners.
The marketing grid includes plans for both beginners and experienced investors. You can read more about the plans below:
in 24 hours
$1 - $25
in 24 hours
$25 - $50
in 24 hours
$50 - $100
in 24 hours
$100 - $5000

Deposit body included in charges

About Company

We have created our investment platform, on the basis of which we place customer funds, converting them into basic cryptocurrency / digital assets. Analysts and traders simultaneously analyze the current situation on the stock exchanges and decide to open a position. Our company is the link between the client and the cryptocurrency market. In the process of building our investment portfolios, we carefully study the growth potential of each cryptocurrency and we select promising tokens that have significant development potential and are able to bring high profits in the shortest possible time.

The Broker Friends team includes qualified specialists with significant experience in analyzing and managing clients' funds on international cryptocurrency exchanges. We monitor all current changes in the market and apply our own unique strategies that allow us to conduct the most efficient operations. Thanks to With well-thought-out actions, our company quickly gained trust and high popularity. A large number of investors already receive income on our platform. I’m expecting that this is only the beginning of our great journey!


Affiliate Program

1 Level
2 Level
3 Level

Passive Earnings

In two simple steps

The only active action you need is investing.

After payment, the choice of a tariff plan is made automatically from the deposit amount, the deposit also opens automatically, and you start to receive interest on your tariff.


How to become an investor?

1. Register
2. Open Deposit
3. Receive daily charges and make withdrawals at any time convenient for you

Check-in is an electronic signing of an offer contract. Read before registering: Offer Agreement

Round the clock support

Investor Support

Round-the-clock investor support is provided in the online chat on the website and telegrams messenger, as well as through the support form in the contact section. For receiving professional advice on opening a deposit, interest on deposit, accrual of referral bonus and other issues.

The support form is in the section Contacts.

Information Security

Data Security

We use modern encryption methods, ensuring the highest degree of data protection for our users. Data is encrypted and transmitted to the server using the ssl protocol, which guarantees the impossibility of data leakage. We use modern ddos ​​attack filtering and verified payment system accounts.

Our technical experts monitor the security of your personal data by updating the platform daily.

Last deposits

taipham250585 15 usd
athuong86 1 usd
cahkene 200 doge
9tech 119 doge
Dungsalem 1 usd
wiraz 100 doge
AldyPrasetyo 345 doge
Anidede 650 doge
Phamdangly 1.36 usd
thang9636 2 usd

Last payouts

Andri1985 1124 doge
Nguyen77755 1.74 usd
Namth3000 58.21 usd
blueseahey 1.66 usd
namth213 37.95 usd
gmsam 5.38 usd
taipham250585 0.88 usd
Xmel 6.75 usd
grafiti 0.44 usd
Ythien95 29.25 usd


23.05 2019

Opening of tariff plans

The first two tariff plans with a yield of 106-108 percent for 24 hours, including a deposit are available for investment today. We will inform about the opening of the next tariff plan additionally in the news section of the site and in our telegrams group.

20.05 2019

Reimbursement of losses on old deposits

Dear friends, technical work successfully completed!
Every investor who lost his money during a technical failure will receive this amount on a special unlimited tariff plan with a yield of 365% per annum and a daily charge of 1%, which has no time limit, i.e. forever and ever.
Brokers friends - only profit with us!